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Campaign in support of Anne Soupa's approach
candidate to become the Archbishop of Lyon

« In a church in France or elsewhere, long ago or less, we were baptized. Years later, each one of us has a different relationship to the Church: practising or not, invested in a parish or not, with a living faith or at odds with it. Of the one billion baptized who make up the Catholic Church in the world, half are women. Today we support, criticize or are indifferent to the action of the Church, and we are sensitive to Anne Soupa's candidacy as Archbishop of Lyon. Her long-standing commitment and her work are well known and we appreciate her words on the place and role of women, her guts and her frankness. We support her approach. »

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What is this petition?

This support site invites Catholics, practising or not, to support Anne Soupa's approach as Archbishop of Lyon. It is also open to those who want to support without being catholic, it is possible to specify it in the signature form.

To do so, sign this petition using the form, filling in your surname, first name, date of birth, and place of baptism if known. We will forward all the signatures to Pope Francis to make the legitimate candidacy of Mrs. Soupa.

Application text by Anne Soupa

Posted on May 25th 2020 on her twitter account

Anne Soupa, theologian and
candidate for bishop of Lyon
in Paris, in 2009. by gilou60

Why am I running for archbishop of Lyon?

Noting that in 2020, in the Catholic Church, no woman heads any diocese, no woman is a priest, no woman is a deacon, no woman votes on the decisions of the synods,

Considering that to exclude half of humanity is not only contrary to the message of Jesus Christ, but is also harmful to the Church, which is thus maintained in an environment that is conducive to abuse,

Considering that I am neither a stranger, nor a hallway apparatchik, but that I have been acting in my Church for more than 35 years, in the field, as a biblical scholar, theologian, journalist, writer, president for 8 years of the Conference of the Baptized, and current president of the Skirt Committee,

Everything entitles me to say that I am capable of running for the title of bishop, everything makes me legitimate. Everything forbids me to do so.

If my candidacy is prohibited by canon law, it is simply because I am a woman, that women cannot be priests and that only priests, by becoming bishops, lead the Catholic Church.

Considering that saying "no" to this prohibition is a duty for me, both for this Church that I love and for all Catholics of whom I am a sister,

Considering that it is my responsibility to be a "servant of the Word" and to give an account of the hope that is in me,

I therefore dare to run for office in the Catholic Church.

Some will say that this gesture is crazy; but what is crazy is that it sounds crazy when it is not. Is there only one model of a bishop, that of a single, elderly man dressed in black? Yet, what a gain it would be to dare to offer other faces to this office!

Considering that being a priest is one thing, and governing is another, that two popes have declared the question of women's access to the priesthood closed, but that Pope Francis asked theologians to better distinguish priesthood and governance in order to make a place for women,

I note that nothing has been done in this regard for seven years. Would there be only my candidacy to respond to the Pope's call?

To govern a diocese requires to be a priest only because canon law has decided so. But the office of bishop existed long before canon law! The Twelve Companions of Jesus were not priests; Peter was even married. Since the highest antiquity, the bishop (the "episcope") has been a watchman, a protector who observes and watches over the cohesion and doctrinal correctness of a group of communities. In what way could a lay person not carry out this function?

Why apply to Lyon? Because in Lyon, four successive archbishops, Mgr Decourtray, Bilé, Balland, Barbarin, have failed in their primary task, that of protecting their communities. The shepherds let the wolves into the sheepfold and the predators went after the little ones. How today can we restore the legitimacy of the episcopal body? How can the Catholics of the diocese of Lyon, lay people and priests, who all aspire to a true, liberated word, in a united community, be able to trust again?

Why apply now? Because the Catholic Church continues to nourish a clericalism that has been denounced by the Pope: abuses of all kinds, sacralisation of the priest, a spirit of division...

Knowing and considering all these things, I am running for the Archdiocese of Lyon, not of my own accord, but because some of my relatives have led me there.

My approach, I hope, will be useful for all the women who today are assigned and restricted in their desire for responsibility.

I therefore invite them to apply wherever they feel called, whether it be to become bishop or to any other responsibility which is forbidden to them today.

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To know more about Anne Soupa (in French), sa biographie sur Wikipedia, lire l'article du Monde consacré à sa candidature, consulter son compte twitter, voir son interview en vidéo sur Euronews

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